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Krin Collins
Organizer for Arkie Newbies

Although having a 'real job' pays the bills and is rewarding in its own right, call it the mid-life crazies, but I spend what time I have to spare showing fellow human beings the great things there are about Arkansas in my role as Organizer and Host of a group on Meetup.com called 'Arkie Newbies'. 

With membership growing in my free social group, my energy is expended in seeking out and finding what new Arkansans would, as a group, enjoy in recreation, history, culinary inclinations and the like.

Occasionally I let 'pre-existing Arkansans' join my group because gosh, Arkansas may not seem sometimes like it has a lot going on compared to some locales, but many locals just haven't looked hard enough.   I find it hard NOT to want to do everything there is to be done!  I need a clone of myself to help out.


Krin Collins works fulltime as a Transactions Coordinator with Coulson Real Estate Group, LLC.  She is a 1994 graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  She enjoys the outdoors, socializing, hosting events, domestic and international travel, and she has her pack of 'doggage' (2 dogs) which were rescues.  She has been repatriated to Arkansas since 2009 following 12 years away, living in Southwest Virginia for 8, and in Hampshire, England for 4.  She now resides in Park Hill, North Little Rock.