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Photo Gallery | Joey's Cool Cats: Sweet Ava

I heard of another rescued cat living at a place of business and it was directly across the street from where I work, so I decided to find out the story for Joey’s fans. 

Meet Ava, who lives at AV Arkansas downtown Little Rock.  The owners discovered her as a tiny kitten living in drainage pipe within a building structure.  They brought her into their business, and she has lived there for six years.

Ava now has the run of the place and may be inclined to sit on the sidewalk while they are loading trucks. She’s also content staying indoors, wandering from office to office and into the big warehouse.  The owners even installed a kitty door from the kitchen to the warehouse for her convenience.

Thanks to the fine folks of AV Arkansas for giving her a home.  It’s nice to know Ava is so close and can watch us from her front door.


Theba and Joey The Garden Cat

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