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City of Little Rock winter storm presentation | Weather

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City of Little Rock winter storm presentation

Report to the
City Board of Directors

Winter Storm
December 25, 2012

The City of Little Rock and Central Arkansas experienced a significant winter event on December 25, 2012.  The following presentation recaps the City's efforts to address the impact of this storm on the community

City of Little Rock 311 Center

  • From December 25, 2012 thru January 5, 2013, the City of Little Rock 311 Center received 1,412 calls for service
  • The Little Rock 311 center is currently operating from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., seven days a week in order to provide assistance to residents.  The 311 center will maintain this schedule until the call load diminishes
  • Residents can go to the City's website (www.littlerock.org) and submit their 311 request electronically; this will help the City get the request(s) entered into the system

-      522 calls for tree and debris pick-up

-      200 calls for storm related information

-      176 calls for missed garbage

-      130 calls for missed recycling

-      41 calls for assistance with hazards

-      140 calls for knuckle boom pick-up

-      69 calls for garbage cart replacement

-      134 calls for bulky item pick-up

 Public Works 

  • Public Works crews worked 12-hour, rotating shifts plowing snow, spreading sand & salt and removing trees from City Streets.  This schedule was used from 12-25-12 - 12-30-12
  • Beginning on 12-30-12, Public Works crews worked 12-hour shifts removing debris from the right-of-way  
  • As of January 6, 2013, Public Works crews began working 10 hour days, six days a week to address damage from the storm
  • Public Works currently has 18 crews working to remove debris from the right-of-way; the debris is being hauled to the Landfill where it will be converted into mulch
  • As of 01-05-13, Public Works has received requests to remove debris from 1,150 locations
  • Public Works has two crews patching potholes full-time
  • For the period 12-25-12 thru 01-01-13, Public Works employees worked a total of 7,873 hours (3,032 regular hours and 4,481 overtime hours)
  • For the same period, Public Works utilized 4,720 equipment hours and spent $39,515 on sand and salt
  • As of 01-01-13, Public Works had spent $255,510 as a result of the storm
  • As of January 03, 2013, the City Landfill has received 723.28 tons of storm debris (458 trucks) 
  • Public Works crews have caught up on the weekly garbage pick-up and will continue picking up storm debris from residents until the job is complete.  
  • FEMA estimates the storm debris to be 22,000 tons (Little Rock)
  • Public Works crews have cleared 1,300 tons of storm debris (as of January 7, 2013)
  • Public Works crews can remove approximately 110 tons of storm debris each day
  • At this rate, it will take approximately 200 days to remove all of the storm debris in the City

 Little Rock Fire Department

  • Between 12-25-12 and 12-30-12, the Little Rock Fire Department responded to 925 calls (an average of 185 per day).  These calls included:

-      118 calls for downed power lines

-      232 rescue / emergency medical calls

-      18 building fires

-      7 chimney flue fires

-      11 welfare transports

 Other City Departments

  • Many City Departments responded to the storm in order to assist the community 

-      The Little Rock Police Department was able to maintain regular patrols and assist citizens when necessary

-      The Fleet Service Department installed 160 sets of chains, installed 30 sets of studded tires, delivered fuel to fuel sites and generators and made 23 roadside service trips to assist other City Departments

-      The Little Rock Animal Village offered to take in pets that owners were unable to care for during the power outage

-      Little Rock Parks and Recreation opened the Southwest Community Center as a warming center and the Dunbar Community Center as an overnight shelter.  Over 100 residents took advantage of these facilities

-      Little Rock Emergency Management staff made numerous welfare checks and assisted the Red Cross with the shelter set-up

-      Key management staff met daily during the storm recovery to coordinate services between departments and with other agencies and utilities

-      The City's Public relations staff used the media and social media to keep Little Rock residents informed of various updates related to the storm recovery

-      The City's Planning Department waived fees and inspections so Entergy could immediately restore power to residential structures


  • Entergy reports that the first power outages began Christmas Day and peaked at over 194,000 customers losing service.  90,000 of those customers were Little Rock residents
  • On December 26, 2012 Entergy began assessing the damage and restoring the transmission lines and substations.  By that evening 31% of customers had their service restored
  • Entergy
  • By December 28, 2012 Entergy had 1,000 lineman (many from other states) and 500 vegetation crews working to restore service.  By that evening, 60% of customers had their service restored
  • By December 29, 82% of customers had their service restored
  • Entergy
  • By December 30, 94% of customers had their service restored
  • By December 31, 2012 over 99% of customers who could take power had their service restored
  • Over 5,000 lineman and other workers from 15 states assisted in restoring power to Entergy customers


  • FEMA representatives were in town over the past weekend to view the damage from the storm and determine whether the community will qualify for federal public assistance
  • FEMA will determine if the City qualifies for a Presidential Disaster Declaration within 7 to 10 days
  • City staff has been keeping detail records regarding departmental expenditures related to the storm recovery

 Next Steps

  • City staff will convene in the following days to do an overall assessment of the event in order to prepare for any future events
  • City staff will continue to work with other agencies and utilities to ensure that all Little Rock residents have their services returned to normal

(Source: City Manager Bruce Moore)