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Joey the Garden Cat health update | Pets

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Joey the Garden Cat health update
Joey the Garden Cat health update

On Thursday, April 5th we took Joey the Garden Cat to his veterinarian Dr. Bob Hale of Briarwood Animal Hospital for what we thought was an injured front paw.  While x-raying it they discovered a growth on his back leg.   

Dr. Hale reached out to his friend Dr. Terry Dew with Azzore Veterinary Specialist in Russellville.  Dr. Dew is the only board certified small animal surgeon in the state of Arkansas. 

Joey was taken to Russellville on April 9th where he took a CT scan of the tumor and discovered it originated from the bone so he took a biopsy. We should have the results of the pathology report next week. 

You can go to Joey's page on Dr. Dew's website to see the scans as he posts them.

We’ll keep you updated on Joey’s progress and thank you for all the well wishes.

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