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Ebola teleconference prepares Arkansas doctors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A statewide conversation on Ebola happened Wednesday at UAMS.

This time, they used technology to talk with healthcare workers across the state about Ebola concerns.

"There apparently are people who are creating concern with stories of exposure," said Dr. Gary Wheeler, with the Arkansas Department of Health. "Please ignore these people. There are no cases!"

Doctors in 22 different locations across Arkansas watched as Dr. Wheeler emphasized facts over fear.

"The risk of encountering a true Ebola patient in Arkansas are around 1 in 100 million or less," he said.

UAMS infectious disease Dr. Keyur Vyas explained what to do if you come across a potentially infected patient.

"You really need to go around and identify areas that can be used to care for a patient that has this," Dr. Vayas said.

Statewide alcohol sales could mean fewer DWI arrests

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Millions of campaign dollars are being poured into advertisements for and against statewide alcohol sales in Arkansas. It's one of the most controversial issues on the ballot this election season.

If passed, the manufacturing, transportation and sale of alcohol would be legal in every county in the state, and liquor stores can go into business in any county.

Dr. Jeff Walker, chair of the Criminology Department at UALR, said the issue isn't as simple as wet and dry. He said it should be referred to as wet and damp, or "moist". That's because no county is 100 percent dry due to private club's receiving alcohol licenses.

"Elks Club, Country Clubs, Moose Lodge, all of those are in dry counties," said Walker. "A lot of times they kind of have a corner on the market for alcohol sales because there's nothing else around. And they sell a lot of alcohol."

Arkansas businesses trying out digital currency

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Most people barely carry cash. Instead, they choose to use plastic. But now, a small group, mostly made up of tech savvy people, is choosing to use a digital currency called Bitcoin.

A slew of companies all over the world accept Bitcoin. More and more Arkansas businesses are jumping on board with it. One of the first businesses to accept the new currency here locally says it is only going to expand.

A wash, cut and style comes with a price. But besides credit cards and cash, Clips Hair Studio accepts Bitcoin.

"Eventually I think people are going to catch on," said Co-Owner of Clips Hair Salon Billy Creek.

Creek says they started accepting Bitcoin when she opened her salon about a year ago and a handful of her customers take advantage of it.

Female bank robbery suspect appears in court

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) - Prosecutors say 26-year-old Katherine Clark confessed to robbing the Arvest Bank on Arcade Drive and returned some of the money.

Her reasoning to police: a battle with ovarian cancer.

Little Rock Police say Clark walked into the Arvest Bank on Monday claiming to have a bomb strapped to her body.

Clark made an appearance in Little Rock District Court via video Wednesday.

During that appearance, prosecutors said Clark gave a statement to police confessing to the robbery and that she returned what she had left.

Clark's neighbor Mike South says he was shocked to learn of her arrest.

"You would have not have guessed she would have not been a part of any criminal activity. She's a real nice, very pleasant, very sweet demeanor."

Little Rock Family: Girls and bullying

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We all hear about bullying, and it's usually about boys bullying boys, or girls bullying girls. Opposite sex bullying is somewhat rare, but still happens.

Sometimes bullying by the opposite sex gets swept up in the hype of teen hormones, drama and puppy love, when it really signals a deeper problem.

Little Rock Family editor Heather Bennett tells us love's got nothing to do with this social issue as she joins us again to highlight National Bullying Awareness month. Here are some things to look out for:

1. Aggressive boys AND aggressive girls

2. A form of domestic/social violence

3. Causes: environment/insecurities/mental illness

4. Stay tuned in to your child.

5. Communication about friends/relationships.

6. Seek help.

National Domestic Abuse Hotline 800-799-SAFE(7233)

Disaster declarations for farmers in 2 counties

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has made disaster declarations for farmers in two Arkansas counties that suffered losses and damage due to high winds and hail that occurred on Oct. 7.

Responding to requests from Gov. Mike Beebe, Vilsack issued the primary county disaster declarations in Craighead and Mississippi counties. Additionally, Crittenden, Greene, Jackson, Lawrence, and Poinsett counties were named as contiguous disaster counties.

Qualifying farmers will be eligible for federal aid - including emergency loans. Officials say farmers who feel they may qualify for the federal aid should contact their local Farm Service Agency office.

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Consumers urged to study pharmacy options

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (October 22, 2014) - As consumers consider their insurance options and healthcare needs for the upcoming year, some may be surprised to learn that insurance companies may utilize mail-order pharmacies to fill beneficiaries' prescriptions.

Insurance companies often use Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or PBMs, to process pharmacy benefits under a consumer's health insurance plans. Some of those PBMs automatically enroll consumers into mail-order prescription drug programs. These mail-order programs purport to save the consumer money on prescriptions and promise the convenience of at-home delivery at in-network prices.