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Today's Box Office: Red 2

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 Film Critic Jonathan Nettles reviews the high-energy, action-comedy Red 2.

Red 2 is the sequel, obviously, to the 2010 film Red. In that film a group of "Retired, Extremely Dangerous" government assassins fight back against the CIA after they're targeted for knowing too much about an agency cover-up. The sequel brings back Bruce Willis as Frank Moses, John Malkovich as Marvin, Helen Mirren as Victoria, and Mary-Louise Parker as Frank's love interest Sarah. This time the team is forced back into action to trot the globe in search of a missing portable nuclear device. Of course, they're not the only ones after the weapon. They're being chased by relentless assassins, ruthless terrorists, and power-crazed government officials.

Pulaski County sheriff's office looking for 2 brothers, 9, 14

PULASKI COUNTY (KTHV) - A 14-year-old runaway took his 9-year-old brother with him, and more than 24 hours later, there is still no sign of the two.

This case is unfolding out of Pulaski County, and as of our 10 p.m. newscast Thursday, there were no solid leads to pass along. But, deputies on patrol are keeping an extra eye out.

They're looking for 14-year old Brandon Adams and his 9-year-old brother Zacorian Hickey. The boy's mother told the sheriff's office that her boys were last seen Wednesday mid-afternoon at church housing the family was staying at in Ferndale.

She said that her older son has run away before and this time around left a note saying he was leaving because he wasn't getting along with his sister. The mother said the younger brother has never run away and would do whatever the older brother did.

Hockey catching on as good summer exercise

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - While Arkansas heat may make exercise a drab, ice hockey is catching on as an alternative.

Ice Hockey Camp attendance is rising in the natural state because kids can beat the heat while burning energy.

Zack Banko said that it gets tough sometimes, but you have to keep at it to make it worth it. He is on a travel league that is mainly during the fall leagues

Arkansas Skatium offers the 5 day long camp in the morning every summer. Check out their website for league information starting in the Fall: http://www.arkansasskatium.com/

Highway workers thankful for lower temps

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Although the Arkansas weather appears to be heating up, highway construction workers said the milder summer makes their job more bearable.

Arkansas construction workers embrace the milder summer temps. This time last year Arkansas already had seven 100 degree days in July, and as it stands now, the natural state has seen just one.

Highway construction workers have a plan no matter the season. The Highway Department said when temperatures rise, crews will begin in the early morning to avoid the heat of the day. Crews also take more water breaks and shorter work days in extreme heat. Danny Straessle of the Highway Department said the biggest risk for a delay is major rain toward the beginning of a project.

"That's going to cause them to have to sit out a day or two until the ground conditions dry up, and they can get their equipment out there and get some work done," said Straessle.

Restaurants and retail booming, thanks to below normal temperatures

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Scorching heat is nothing new to Arkansans.

"It's been, you know, hot." Hanes Oliver said, but this summer has been a season slightly below normal. "It hasn't been anything like last year."

Whether it is the River Market, a coffee shop, or a restaurant, people are really enjoying these pleasant conditions. With one third of the restaurant being the patio, Cheers in the Heights is one restaurant that relies heavily on patrons choosing to sit outdoors.

"They love being outside. That's the first place they want to sit, for sure," Chris Tanner explained. Tanner is the owner of Cheers and said business has been great. The summer is not over, and Tanner said sales have already increased. "Probably a good 10 percent."

While the majority of the country is battling heat waves and the dog days of summer, Arkansans are enjoying the heat, especially when they remember what it was like 365 days ago.

A Place to Call Home: Bethany, Tori & Elizabeth

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - For three sisters, getting treated to a pedicure, painted nails, and pampering at Envy Nails and Spa is a first. They've never experienced anything like it.

"No I haven't!" exclaimed Tori. "But, this feels so good. I love pedicures now!"

Tori is 11, and her sister Bethany is 12.

"It's happy," added Bethany, "because we don't get to see each other for two weeks."

The youngest, Elizabeth, 5, nods and smiles as she is asked if she enjoyed the treat, too. Her siblings call her "Lulu."

From silver sparkles to glitter blue and shiny pink, drying at the table with the funny light, to the warm water bubbling at the base of the teddy bear chairs -- all of it brings big smiles for foster children in desperate need of love and a forever home.

Police capture would-be thief; accidentally let him go

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Little Rock Police said they let a burglar go by mistake, but now, they're hoping to bring him back into custody.

Security cameras at Inrestrospec recorded video Monday night of a man breaking out a window and entering the store. Police had the would-be thief in custody, but the officer let him go without charging him. Little Rock Police Captain Mike Davis explained to the Downtown Neighborhood Association how that mistake happened.

"Unfortunately the facts as you see them are correct. We did let a burglar that we had in custody go; we released him without charges. That was due to a combination of things--a breakdown in communication between patrol and our detectives. Not trying to make excuses, but the young officer that was actually there had just graduated from our police academy seven weeks ago," Davis said.