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UAMS opens new neighborhood clinic in West Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - UAMS' newest neighborhood clinic held an open house on Saturday. The Rahling Road clinic opened this summer and UAMS is excited about this location that has proven to be a very convenient location for lots of patients.

THV11's Marielle Mohs sat down with Sarah Meredith-Neve, a nurse at UAMS to find out more about the open house.

Services range from annual exams and preventive care to specialists who can help manage complex conditions and illnesses.

The clinic has a full-time staff of 25, including three physicians.

It offers primary care to all members of a family, from pediatric to geriatric patients. Specialty care, including cardiology, urology, neurology, gastroenterology and endocrinology, is also offered.

The clinic is open 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with extended hours until 8 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nature Knowledge: Events to do in September

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Fill your brains with some nature knowledge this month at one of the many activities going on at the nature centers across Arkansas.

It's a big month at the nature centers because they are celebrating "National Hunting and Fishing Day."

Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center

602 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock 501-907-0636

Saturday, September 13th, 2pm:

Lil' Wild Ones: Something to Bugle about: Elk in Arkansas

No, it's not a supersized deer, it's an elk. It's also Arkansas's largest big game animal. Sit in on an exciting class about these huge creatures and get a chance to hear the booming call bull elk make to attract the girls. Help the educator put together a life size puzzle of an Elk! Free!

Sunday, September 14th, 2pm:

Wetland Walk-a-bout – all ages

Mayflower man arrested after narcotic search warrant

MAYFLOWER, Ark. (September 13, 2014) - Manuel W. McCuien, 61, of Mayflower was arrested Thursday after the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team (SRT) served a Narcotic Search Warrant at his residence.

Investigators with the Sheriff's Office started working leads into McCuien selling narcotics to juveniles from his residence. They were able to obtain a search warrant after working these leads for approximately a month. SRT served the search warrant September 11 at approximately 6 pm where investigators were able to seize narcotics, guns and money. McCuien was home during this time and was arrested without incident.

McCuien was charged with Simultaneous Possession of drugs and firearms, Maintaining a drug premise within 1000ft of a drug free zone, Possession of Schedule VI drugs Controlled Substance for the purpose of Delivery, and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Mayflower family relocates after tornado

MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV)- When you meet Bill and Virginia Ausbrooks it's easy to see how they've been married for more than sixty years.

The Ausbrooks lost their Mayflower home in the tornado, a home they'd lived in for 57 years. "All of a sudden it just kind of lifted us up and set us back down. Bill looked up and said 'Well, there goes the roof.," Virginia said. "That house meant a lot to us but at least we're all alive."

The next few months proved to be difficult for the longtime mayflower residents as they began to restart their lives. The Ausbrooks' knew they wanted to stay close to home and remembered Exxon had cleaned up several houses in a nearby subdivision after the oil spill. And just months after the tragedy of losing everything, the Ausbrooks' found a new home that had once been the sight of a devastating oil spill.

UALR interim athletic director wants to build up sports department

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Controversy surrounding University of Arkansas at Little Rock athletics has finally started to settle down. Effective Monday, September 15, the university has appointed Vice Chancellor for Advancement, Bob Denman, as the interim athletic director.

"I've always felt this debt that I owed the institution," Denman said. "My whole family has had this close tie to the institution. We all got a great education here. We got it at a wonderful value, we got to do what we wanted to do and how cool is that?"

Denman graduated in 1974 and has spent several years working for the university. He takes the position after longtime Athletic Director Chris Peterson resigned last week after the school said he made inappropriate comments. Baseball Coach Scott Norwood also resigned back in June, after allegedly abusing players.

Solar storm aftermath might affect Arkansans

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- Astronomy experts say there's a slight chance Arkansans might have trouble using cell phones, watching cable TV or listening to the radio on Friday night. They say you can blame the sun for the interference of satellite signals.

The possible interference would be caused by the aftereffects of Wednesday
s solar storm. The storm, a solar mass of charged particles, was so powerful
that experts don
t know if the energy will
bounce off the earth's magnetic field or penetrate into it.

Homeless Little Rock mom moves from car into shelter

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) - A single mother living on the streets for more than a week, finally gets a break.

The homeless organization known as "The One" moved its first family into their new women's home Thursday night.

Having a place to shower and beds for her 3 boys is something Alia says she will never take for granted.

"I was really at my breaking point because we'd never been through this. I was just tired and I needed some help."

The working mother of 3 said she recently became homeless and had been living out of her car for 10 days.

"I just had to do what I had to do."

In an effort to protect her identity and her children, Alia asked us not to show her face.

The single mother says after a living arrangement with a family member fell through, she was left with only one option.

"It left us basically out with nowhere to go."