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Arkansas State Fair continues today

There are four new rides at the fair this year, including the Nemesis 360. Riders are situated on a hub with three sets of seats, carrying four riders per set. The hub is in turn attached to an arm that can complete 360 loops.

Food is always an important part of the fair. There are your normal staples, like candy cotton, funnel cakes, corn dogs (including an 18-inch dog!), turkey legs, fried Twinkies, etc. Another few items available are fried alligator, fried elephant ears (crispy cinnamon-sugar fried bread), egg-on-a-stick, chocolate dipped bacon, and spiral taters.

This is the first year to have an official State Fair Museum. Here you can check out the history of the State Fair from its roots in Hot Springs, Arkansas to its present location off Roosevelt Road.

Little Rock Nine member remembered for humor, handling pressure


Thomas died Sept. 5 in Columbus, Ohio, at age 67. On Saturday, a couple of hundred people gathered on front of the school's front steps to hear Thomas' son, Jefferson Thomas Jr., Gov. Mike Beebe and Minnijean Brown Trickey. Trickey was also among the nine black students to integrate the school.

Thomas Jr. praised his father's accomplishment of being a part of history. He said didn't realize what his father had done until one of his teachers read his name as one of the students who braved abusive mobs to break the color barrier at Central.

Choir members from the school sang at the service and current students read from a memorial book signed by people from around the world.

Thomas was the first of the nine to die.

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Giant aquarium getting lots of attention at fair

One attraction that might interest folks is a huge fish tank found at the Hall of Industry. Sponsored by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, this mobile aquarium features more than 15 different varities of fish.

You can also pick up copies of the current Arkansas Hunting and Fishing Guidebooks, Arkansas Wildlife magazine and calendars, the Arkansas Fishing and Outdoor Guide and more. For the kids, they have coloring pages, a word search game, fish trading cards and bookmarks.

Click on the video link for a sneak peek at all the AGFC has to offer at their fair booth!

Judge won't address car suit before Election Day

The state Republican Party sued the state, seeking reimbursement from officers who use state cars for personal reasons. It sought an injunction to impose record-keeping, but Judge Tim Fox said Monday his calendar is too full to consider it now. Fox is running for the state Supreme Court.

The GOP says it will subpoena the officials' tax records to determine how often they are using the vehicles for unofficial purposes.

State troopers provide travel for Gov. Mike Beebe and Republicans are not challenging that practice.

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Little Rock Fire Department schedule for testing fire hydrants in October

Because the inspections involve the increased flow of water from fire hydrants, some customers may notice discolored water at the tap during the process.

The flow-and-drain inspections began Saturday, October 2, and will continue each week through Friday, October 29. Each week, Fire Department crews will conduct tests during daylight hours in a different geographical quadrant of the City.

The testing is part of routine semi-annual maintenance. CAW customers received advance notification of the testing with an informational pamphlet that accompanied their September 2010 billing statement.

The increased flow of water from the hydrants occasionally causes the scouring of manganese that has built up on the lining of water mains. The scouring can result in discolored water at the customer's tap. The discolored water is bacteriologically safe but can stain clothing so customers are advised NOT TO WASH clothing in the discolored water.

Arkansas Business on 'Today's THV at 6': Groupon affecting bottom line?

Groupon is now in Arkansas, and while participating businesses might be getting new customers, how will slashing prices affect the bottom line?

Groupon.com was started in Chicago in 2008, offering online subscribers cut-rate products and services. Through e-mail newsletters, Groupon offers big discounts on businesses in several cities.

This summer, Little Rock joined Groupon's list, and consumers here have been able to grab deals from local restaurants, cultural centers and retailers.

It works like this: Groupon offers a deal of the day, and if enough subscribers purchase that deal, those subscribers can claim it where the deal is offered.

Little Rock Police investigate armed robbery


Officers arrived at Linda's Tobacco at 6:45 a.m. Tuesday and talked to the owner who told them she opened the door of the business and stepped outside to get the newspaper.

An unknown black male between 20- and 22-years-old approximately 5'6'' wearing a gray hat and jeans, entered the business behind her, showed a chrome small caliber pistol and demanded money.

The suspect took money from the business and fled the area.

No arrests have been made.

(Source: Little Rock Police Department)