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Declaration of Independence (As we know it) | News

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Declaration of Independence (As we know it)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's why we celebrate the fourth of July: The Declaration of Independence. But, how well do we know it? It's a question we wanted answered, and it's why 11 state Criminal Defense Lawyer organizations decided to do public readings of the Declaration.

What we found in our excursion, is that while most of us aren't as familiar with the wording, we understand the general intent. The words aren't as poetic as say, the preamble of the Constitution or the Gettysburg Address, but they're just as meaningful.

It was July 4th 1776, that the document was first read aloud. The states by the way were referred to as countries, and the document's wording had just been approved, when it was released to the public.

Many people think the Revolutionary War started after the reading, but it had actually been going on over a year, when the Continental Congress declared its formal independence. And while Thomas Jefferson was credited with its writing, he had a lot of help, primarily from Benjamin Franklin.


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