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Little Rock's 'Sin City' apartment complex demolished | News

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Little Rock's 'Sin City' apartment complex demolished

LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) - Little Rock's gang days brought violent wave of gang activity during the 1990s.

It was marked by dozens of homicides, teenage victims and churches praying for an end to it all. One other prominent piece was the apartment complex known as "Sin City" in Southwest Little Rock. Neighbors tell us that it was a haven for crime. But it's now gone, demolished just last week. 

Today's THV found out it took four days last week to raze the remaining apartment buildings, erasing a dark and violent past there. It's a big step ahead for those living in the area and trying to bring it back, like Pam Adcock with Southwest United for Progress. That's an umbrella group representing the neighborhood associations in Southwest Little Rock. In this report, we share her perspective on a walk around the now vacant property. 

"Just looking out at all this and seeing it gone, what are you thinking?" THV's Max Seigle asks Pam Adcock.  

"Just wonderful, how absolutely wonderful, all the hard work that we've put into this one area, is finally here, it's finally happening," Adcock said. "It started out very nice but quickly just went downhill, shooting, knifings, mainly drug deals, this was known on the streets if you wanted drugs this was the place to go."

"There's talk from the current property owner, I talked with her today, and she indicated to me that she's planning to sell the land here to a company who plans to build single family homes here, is that something that you think would be good for this area?" THV's Max Seigle asks.

"That would be a possibility but it goes back to what the community would support, what type of development, how much would be on the property," Adcock said. "In Southwest Little Rock, we have a very strong neighborhood association base, you get us behind it and you have it pretty easy going, but if it's something that we don't want, we'll fight it. It's just now we can actually see some future here and that's a good thing."

Adcock is also hopeful that whatever comes to the property the area can move beyond the negative stigma long attached to it; she says especially with strides made so far and the younger generations not being aware of the "Sin City" term. 

As for the plans for single family homes, the current property owner says that a group of Little Rock investors known as the Nine X Corporation is planning to buy the property. We tried reaching them for comment Wednesday but did not get any response.