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Occupy LR protests at city hall after eviction | News

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Occupy LR protests at city hall after eviction

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Occupy Little Rock prostestors marched 17 blocks to the steps of City Hall after recieiving a notice to vacate their current site.

The city says they need the parking lot at 4th and ferry streets to use for Riverfest and other summer activities. Occupy protestors say they met with Mayor Mark Stodola this afternoon.

April showers bring May flowers and on Monday, Occupiers.

"Tell me what Democracy looks like. This is what Democracy looks like!" shouted as many as twenty Occupy Little Rock protestors through the River Market, by the Chamber of Commerce and eventually on the steps of city hall.

"Frustrated is a much better way of saying what we are right now. Today, we are marching in protest of how the city has negotiated with us to get a new site, " says Greg Deckelman, Spokesperson for Occupy Little Rock.

He says after receiving a notice to vacate their site at 4th and Ferry last week, the city has not offered up a new location for their protest.

"They've said no to any reasonable request we've had to move and give them the parking lot back. What is it about? Obviously it's not about the bus parking lot is it?" says Deckelman.

"It's a man power issue," says Lt. Terry Hastings with the Little Rock Police Department. He says the department has provided security at the Occupy site 24 hours a day for the last six months, keeping them safe and protecting their right to protest.

Today, in an effort to keep this protest peaceful, Hastings says other parts of the city had to suffer.

"We had to pull some of our officers out the heights where we were looking for a guy that's been exposing himself to come down and deal with these individuals," says Lt. Hastings.

He says the city has worked diligently with Occupy to find a new location--but that new location may not be what they want.

"I don't think they'll be moving to public property unless they can work out something in an area that's kind of out of the way," says Lt. Hastings."

While occupiers won't discuss options they've proposed to the city, they will say they're not giving up.

"One, we are the people. Two, we stand united. Three, this occupy is not leaving," shout protestors.

Occupy Little Rock says they are open to protesting on private property, perhaps even a building that is in a visible location. However, that may require a private supporter donating that property.

Occupy Little Rock will participate in the May Day protests on the steps of the state capitol tomorrow from midnight until Wednesday at midnight. Occupy camps across the country will also be protesting in their cities.


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