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Joey the Garden Cat surgery update | News

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Joey the Garden Cat surgery update
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Joey the Garden Cat surgery update

We have another Joey the Garden Cat health update. In case you haven't heard, Joey has a rare form of bone cancer in his left back leg. The good news is that it is localized and has not spread.

Joey's vet, Dr. Bob Hale of Briarwood Animal Hospital in Little Rock has been working with Dr. Terry Dew of Azzore Veterinary Specialists in Russellville.

"After discussions with oncologist Dr. David Vail, at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, Wis., and with Joey's momma/agent and other staff at KTHV, a decision has been made on what course of treatment to pursue for Joey," Dew says.

"On Monday, we will remove the tumor and affected bone, preserving Joey's leg. A bone plate will be used to span the weakened area of bone.

"Joey's medical team and his KTHV family is confident that this is the best way to proceed. Joey's prognosis is good for a cure, good limb function, and good cosmetics as well," Dew explains.

You can sign up for Joey the Garden Cat text alerts too. Joey is active in the animal community and sends out text updates normally, so you'll want to sign up for those alerts. Monday, his momma/agent will text out surgery updates as well.

You can also follow Joey on Facebook. Learn more about Joey and how he joined the THV family.

Video Transcript:

"We just want to update Joey's Facebook fans. We've had some discussions with David Vail, the oncologist, and with the folks down at the TV station. On Monday we're going to be doing a definitive surgery on Joey to remove his tumor.

"If you remember, this is what his tumor looked like on his original CT scan. What we're going to do is we're going to preserve his leg, and we are going to remove that segment of bone that contains the tumor. Then we will put in a bone plate to span this area where the bone would be weaker to hopefully prevent any type of fracture, or post-op complication.

"With this particular type of tumor, Joey has a good prognosis that we could effect a cure, and he could retain his leg and have good function and good cosmetics as well.

"So, that's our initial plan for Joey, and we'll go forward with that on Monday."

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