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Housing Authority gets new name, new identity | News

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Housing Authority gets new name, new identity
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Housing Authority gets new name, new identity

Agency Commits to Giving Every Street a Neighborhood, Making Every House a Home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Dec. 28, 2011) – In an effort to give every street a neighborhood, and make every house a home, the Little Rock Housing Authority (LRHA) unveils its new name – Metropolitan Housing Alliance – and launches a new visual identity.

After 70 years of providing publicly assisted housing to more than 8,000 individuals in the city of Little Rock, the LRHA has outgrown its name.  In order to expand its geographical outreach – as well as reflect a progressive, safe and sustainable character – the new name will help to foster government, non-profit and corporate partnerships.

“As we entered our 70th anniversary last year, we entered a new phase for the Little Rock Housing Authority,” said Shelly Ehenger, executive director of the Little Rock Housing Authority.  “During this phase of growth, have a renewed and reinvigorated commitment to provide safe, healthy and sustainable homes as we enter new communities.”

LRHA selected Little Rock-based Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods and The Design Group to facilitate the execution of the identity development and launch. In addition to the new name, the initiative includes a new visual identity including logo, website and communications materials.

The new logo features both a home and a high-rise symbolizing the different housing options the agency offers.  The logo also features a tree in vivid green color between both buildings representing the entity’s commitment to pursuing a green agenda.  The new name, Metropolitan Housing Alliance, tells current and future residents, business partners, and community members that the organization is dedicated to a better tomorrow, and is dedicated to develop more opportunities and more partnerships, and spread across a larger geographical area.

“As proud members of our community and the leading provider of affordable housing, we will strive to give every street a neighborhood, and to make every house a home,” said Ehenger.

The new name and identity symbolize the goals LRHA has always pursued – to promote, encourage and develop a brighter future for its residents and for the communities they serve.

The new brand identity will be used in corporate communications beginning December 28, 2011.

About Metropolitan Housing Alliance
With more than $37,000,000 in assets, the Metropolitan Housing Alliance provides publicly assisted housing to more than 8,000 individuals.  The organization’s primary goal is to provide an opportunity to develop a future for its residents and promote growth and development in the communities it serves.

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