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Arkansas ranks high in stilettos by state study | News

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Arkansas ranks high in stilettos by state study

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - When it comes to heels, a new study shows Arkansas women like to go sky high. The online retailer, Gilt, ranked the average height of high heels by state, and Arkansas placed in the top four.

The study also ranked Puerto Rico. The average heel height there was the highest at 2.87 inches, followed by Nevada, Florida and Arkansas. States considered, more fashion forward like New York and California fell short of Arkansas, and women in the south know why.

"Probably the first memory I have is walking around the house in my mom's high heel shoes," said Mallory Rogers.

Each heel holds a special place in a woman's heart.

"My favorite pair right now is the pair I bought for my wedding," said Sheryl Bragg.

They sparkle and shine, and at about three inches, Sheryl Bragg says they are a bit low for her.

"I need to make sure I'm not hovering over my fiancé," said Bragg.

Whether they are two inches or five, women who wear them say they feel alive.

"Sexier in them," said Bragg. "A bit more polished."

"Oh my goodness," said Hazel Harris. "I wear high heels every day. In fact, I only own one pair of low shoes."

Without stilettos, wedges or pumps, they could not survive.

"Love them," said Ivory Beasley. "Cannot live without them."

The study found that a majority of Arkansas women purchased heels between 2.3 and 2.9 inches, but some of the women say they like to go even higher than that.

"Usually between a three and a four inch heel," said Bragg.

"It is Arkansas," said Harris. "Big hair. Big heels. The bigger the better."

"Four," said Tiffany Robinson. "Four and a half. As high as I can get it."

Barbara Jean Merchandise Manager Tiffany Robinson has her own idea of why.

"We get in our cars, and we drive where we are going," said Robinson. "We get out and we go inside and we sit down. So I think it might be a little bit easier for us to wear heels."

"Arkansas is one of the pageant capitals of the world so girls grow up in high heels," said Harris.

"In the South, there is just more of a polish," said Bragg. "It is Southern Charm."

And the women in Arkansas are taking that charm to new heights.

"I think Arkansas women are a little more fashion forward than a lot of people give us credit for," said Robinson.

The states with the most conservative heel height were Kansas, Nebraska and Maine. Their average was lower than a two inch heel.

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