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A Place to Call Home: Siyeasha and Quaneasha | News

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A Place to Call Home: Siyeasha and Quaneasha

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -It's been nearly four years since we first met Siyeasha and Quaneasha, along with their brothers and older sister at the Museum of Discovery. A lot has changed since then. Their brothers were adopted. Their older sister aged out of foster care.

So in February of 2011 we featured just the girls. Still today, they have no forever home. Now, our third meeting with Siyeasha and Quaneasha, and it was a day of pampering at the Paul Mitchell Imagine Salon.

Each girl got a consultation with a stylist. After that, it was time to relax while their hair was washed and rinsed. Under the dryers, each got to know the women giving them time and attention.

"This was good," says Quaneasha. "I thought about coming here, getting my hair done and I liked it here. I give them a thumbs up because they did very good on my hair!"

"It was awesome, it was exciting," shares Siyeasha.

The girls are outgoing and sweet, full of personality. This day is a short break from the reminder that years continue to pass without them having a mom and dad to call their own.

Siyeasha talked about it back in 2011.

"I want a momma that will take care of me and take me to school everyday," she says, "and show them that they love me and show them that they care for me."

These days, the sisters don't like talking about their time in foster care. But they will tell you about their dreams.

"I wanna be a hair doer, pediatrician, veterinarian, doctor, nurse," Quaneasha explains.

"I wanna be a pediatrician, I wanna be a lawyer, a doctor," says Siyeasha.

Big dreams and big hopes of something even better: a place to call home. Until then, with new hairstyles, braids, and curls, attention from the hairdressers is enough.

"I wanna thank her so much for everything she done, she didn't have to do this," Quaneasha says. "I just thank her so much, and I'm puttin her in my love book!"

Story from 2011:
Sisters separated from their siblings search for a forever home

Big thanks to the Paul Mitchell Imagine Salon. The hairstyles were done free of charge for the girls, and the salon gave them goody bags full of different hair products.

If you'd like to know more about the girls, click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

There are no costs associated with adopting children in state foster care.