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The haunted history behind Woodson Lateral Road | News

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The haunted history behind Woodson Lateral Road

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV)- Central Arkansas has it's fair share of haunted places, but one in particular may be the most talked about legend.

It unfolds on one of the straightest stretches of road in Pulaski County, Woodson Lateral Road.

The stories along the long blacktop are numerous and range from a fallen motorcyclist to a phantom hitchhiker

Just 12 miles south of Little Rock in rural Pulaski County, the  long stretch of road has a haunted history.

Annette Cook has lived near Woodson Lateral for 32 years says the most popular story involves a motorcycle headlight.

Cook says she's witnessed the strange light for herself.

"You're out and you're driving and you can see the front light of his motorcycle and then it kind of passes over your car and you look in your rear view mirror and then you can see the red light of the back of it, but it's not really anything there. It just dissipates."

Cook says she first saw the light on the road as a teenager.

"It scared me and then I saw it again later as I got into my twenties."

According to the legend, a couple on their way home from prom died in a motorcycle crash.

Now, those two prom dates continue to search for each other along Woodson Lateral Road.

Cook says the second legend is just as frightening.

"She was supposed to walk that with a white dress on and was a hitchhiker and would have motorcycle jacket on. People would stop and pick her up."

Cook says she heard from a longtime resident known as, Uncle John that the light seen is a result of a chemical reaction.

"That your headlights would reflect that swamp gas in the fog and that was actually your headlight you were seeing in the front of you and then when you looked in your rear view mirror that swamp gas and the fog you could see the reflection of your tail lights."

Annette Cook says she hasn't seen the lights in about 10 years since a subdivision was built over the swap.