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THV Extra: What's Pure Barre all about? | News

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THV Extra: What's Pure Barre all about?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Pure Barre combines three different exercises for one great workout: yoga, pilates, and ballet. And you don't need experience in any of them to give it a try.

The first and only Purre Barre studio opened in Little Rock in March, and it's a workout that will push you to your edge.

Natalie Shelley is close to logging her 100th Pure Barre class.

"I'm totally addicted," said Shelley.

It's a class where the motto is lift, tone, and burn.

After her first class in March, Shelley knew she'd be back.

"I was really overwhelmed," Shelley said. "I was like, 'What in the world did I just do?' I had no idea my body could move in those positions."

Teacher Lindsey Newton says the technique pushes Shelley to work her muscles until they literally shake, and Newton has an arsenal of props she uses to do it. The ballet barre, a small ball, light weights, and a resistance band are among them.

"It's completely non impact," said Newton. "So it's totally safe for your joints. We have tons of women who've had injuries and surgeries, and they can still do this. They didn't think they'd ever be able to work out that hard again, and it's still so intense, but it's completely safe."

It's safe, and a challenge. Shelley is up for that challenge. Shelley's before-and-after photos are proof of Pure Barre's bold promise that results come quickly. Newton says most students see results in as few as 10 classes. Results include flexibility, strength, and for Shelley, weight loss, and she says her friends have noticed.

"It's weight," Shelley says. "It's the first thing they see, but what I see is the way my clothes fit, and my strength is totally different versus what it was when it began."

Newton encourages everyone to try Pure Barre, and she said the first class at her studio is free.

"You can do it," she said. "If you can hold onto a ballet barre, you can do it. It's non-impact, you don't have to run and jump and do anything crazy that would injure you. You can do it."

If you want more information, including a class schedule, click on the Little Rock Pure Barre studio's website. Right now, there are about six scheduled classes per day, and Newton says most are packed.

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