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ASU Red Wolves visit Mobile hospital | News

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ASU Red Wolves visit Mobile hospital

MOBILE, AL (KTHV) - Days before their appearance in the Godaddy.com bowl game, ASU football players enjoyed their time at the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital. Not only was this a good change of pace from practice and news conferences, it was also a unique perspective setter to start off the New Year.

"Aww this is the room I want to be in...Amber you got live, XBox, you got it all," says Arkansas State Senior Tight-end Anthony Kincy.

Kincy jokes around with patients at the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital. Kincy, along with a number of other teammates, spent time signing footballs and taking pictures with patients.

"It lets you know that you're blessed because we complain about the simple things...about going to practice, but some of these kids wish they could be in the shoes that we are in," says Kincy.

The Red Wolves met 14-year-old Amber White from Pensacola. The girl fights cystic fibrosis with cheerful enthusiasm and really likes football.

"Very cool, nobody's ever come here to see me. And I love meeting them and having them sign all my stuff," says White.

White frequents the hospital and she's battling a lung infection on this trip. "This is basically our fifth time being here in 2012," says Angela White, Amber's mother.

The White family especially enjoyed the visit, because much of their family hails from the Natural State.

"She knows all about Arkansas and we love it there, it's beautiful," says Angela White.

The players stopped by another patient's room, Katie Bevis, and the young bed-ridden girl showed how generosity often times has a way of returning the favor.

"It touched my heart because before we left she wanted to pray for us and that really meant a lot to me," says Kincy.


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