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Out-of-town crews spend holidays restoring power | News

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Out-of-town crews spend holidays restoring power

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Many Arkansans are ringing in the New Year finally with electricity. Tuesday marks one week since that Christmas snow storm. Many of those line workers who helped Arkansas rebound have spent most of their holidays here, working.

Crews from 15 states have been helping power companies restore electricity to Arkansans this week.

There's a story behind the mud on these trucks, along with the people who drive them. They've been all over the state and country through blizzards and a Hurricane.

"We were still working in New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy. We wrapped that up Sunday the 23rd. We got home in Illinois the 24th. We turned around Christmas Day to come here," says Louis Coy, a line foreman with BBC Electric. Coy has been back home in Illinois once in the last month. "Another Christmas away from home."

Coy estimates BBC has approximately 40 linemen in Arkansas, and they helped restore power to 20,000 customers or roughly 10 percent of Entergy's outages.

"We know people are frustrated and out of power. Tensions are high and whatever they have going on. They've been good in this storm," says Coy.

Crews worked in Susie Parrish's neighborhood. For the past week, her power's been going on and off.

"I can't depend on electricity right now," says Parrish. "I think it's great they came to help us. I think it's great that Arkansas goes and the other states travel too."

That's what Coy likes to hear because Parrish's neighborhood was a complicated project. Coy's crew spent hours cutting trees, hauling debris, and fixing power lines in one area.


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