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Today's Box Office: End of Watch

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV Film Critic Jonthan Nettles reviews End of Watch and gives insight into what's coming to theaters this weekend.

End of Watch was originally released in September, didn't make much noise at the box office and wasn't in theaters very long. Today, it's being re-released, because studios are hopeful that with an open weekend, there won't be much competition.

I expected End of Watch to be the typical cop movie where some rogue police officers go out to solve a crime, find some corruption and take everybody down, this one was not like that. The crime that happens in the film only serves as a vehicle to move the story. This is actually more like a character study of two L-A-P-D officers and the brotherhood of being a police officer. At times it was difficult to watch, not because of any gruesomeness or violence (although there is plenty of that) but most of the story is told from dashcam video, the recorders the officers wear on their uniforms, and other hand-held cameras. I had to look away from the screen a few times on this one but I still recommend it.

I'm sure you've heard that a little movie called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters next weekend. Tomorrow, you can catch a marathon of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. It starts early and it's about 15 hours long since it is the director's extended cut of each film.

Gerard Butler hits the screen in a romantic comedy about a down-on0his-luck former soccer star who returns home to put his life back together. As he tries to rebuild his relationship with his son by coaching his soccer team, he's met with hilarious challenges from the "soccer moms' who pursue him at every turn.

Here's what's on DVD this week:

The Dark Knight Rises
Hope Springs
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Beast of the Southern Wild


I am a huge Star Trek fan, I won't go much further into that except to tell you that I can tell you which episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation it is from the opening sequence and I named my dog Tiberius.

So, when the Paramount released the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, I went a little nuts. Click here to see it yourself. Remember, if you want to see the first 9 minutes of the film, you'll have to go see The Hobbit at an IMAX theater, after it opens next weekend.


Speaking of The Hobbit, I mentioned last week that the film was shot in 48 frames per second, standard film is shot at 24 per second, to take some of the motion blur and artifacting out of the 3D version of the film. A few reports have come out saying it has made movie goers sick. Warner bros has come out and said that they've screened it for hundreds of people and none of them have complained about the motion sickness.

Director peter Jackson has compared it to going from vinyl to CD's. People fear change.












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