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Little Rock student bullied over friend's suicide | News

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Little Rock student bullied over friend's suicide

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Words are sometimes the most powerful weapon of all.

A student at Joe T. Robinson High School received a threatening note Wednesday that read, "You should have died too."

Her close friend committed suicide just one week ago and now, she is being bullied about the death.

THV is withholding the identity of the student and her mother.

"I've been walking around this school and somebody wanted me to die," the student said. "There's a big group of girls at school. They just don't like me...They have smart remarks every day, and when I'm walking down the hallway, they have something to say."

She said the trouble began about a week ago.

"They acted...out of control. Fighting everybody. I just don't want to be around it," said the student.

School officials with the Pulaski County Special School District district told THV 11 they cannot comment directly about this incident because it is still under investigation.

The student's mother said she spoke with the assistant principal.

"His statement was there's not anything we can do. My child is one out of 500 students, and they just can sit there and watch that one student. We have a fear that she won't be able to go there and be safe," said the mother.

So they filed a harassment report with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, which is little comfort to a teen dealing with something much harsher than words.

"I felt like everyone was just pushing me away," the student added.

She told THV 11 she is able to deal with the bullying because of her family's support.

"She felt like they were kind of pushing it under the rug. We can handle it tomorrow. This is what we'll do tomorrow. I mean it's detrimental when your child is being threatened, her life is being threatened," said family friend Tongela Curry.

The mother added that unless students change their mindset and behavior to respect differences, bullying may never go away. She would like to see some sort of statewide support system for these victims.

As for the student, the mother said they will leave the school district at the end of the semester.

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