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A Place to Call Home: Michael | News

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A Place to Call Home: Michael

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- He is a foster child who loves cats, music and the weather, so no better invitation than to join us in the THV 11 studios.

This week, 13-year old Michael charmed us all, including Joey the Garden Cat.

Michael loves the furry felines. "He'll eat it right out of your hand," says THV 11's Dawn Scott.

So the chance to meet and feed Joey the Garden Cat was beyond expectation during a visit to the THV studios. "He's got black feet!" exclaims Michael.

Michael also loves music, and when he learned Chief Meteorologist Ed Buckner plays the guitar, he was in awe.

"You like country, so something like this maybe?" asks Buckner.

A guitar lesson and creating music was a dream come true.
Their song goes something like this: "I know a cat, his name is Joey. I know a cat, he's a little bit showy. He's got his people, he lives in a three story house. He's got a heated living room and chases a mouse!"

"I think it's awesome," says Michael.

'Awesome,' from a boy who's been without a family and home since 2003. Nearly a decade spent alone. What would it mean to have a family?

"It would mean I would have to try and work harder in school, but I think it would be worth it," says Michael.

His understanding is limited, especially when it comes to his biological parents.

"I guess they were a bad influence," he says.

No bad influence this day, however.

"Who's that there?" asks Buckner, looking at the television weather monitor.

"Me!" exclaims Michael.

"Yeah, you're on TV," says Buckner.

The influence is only positive on a boy hoping the answer to his most desperate prayer of finding a place to call home comes quickly.

More information about Michael or any of the state foster children up for adoption can be found on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

There are no costs associated with adopting a state foster child.


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