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Good News: Joey the Garden Cat to head home to THV | Health

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Good News: Joey the Garden Cat to head home to THV
Good News: Joey the Garden Cat to head home to THV

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It’s been several weeks since our sweet Joey had surgery to remove a tumor on his leg, and today all of his friends and family at the station were relieved and excited to learn that he’ll be heading back home to THV!  Here’s more from Dr. Terry Dew:

“We're here today, eight weeks after we removed Joey's tumor, his osteosarcoma, from his leg. He's done well in his rehab period. He's been away from the station and confined a little bit,  but he's done very, very well; more and more activity each day. I'm sure you've been following along on FaceBook and those posts.

He's here today and we took some x-rays. We wanted to look at the healing of the graft that we put in and his tibia itself. These are the x-rays we took today. This is from the front of the leg, and what we see, we want to make sure our plate and screws are where we put them. Everything looks nice and tight; no change there. We've actually got a thickening of the ulna that's responding to the new stresses on the bone and a thickening of his cortex over here. We can see the graft starting to fill-in in the medulary cavity, and we can actually see it a little bit better in this view here. With the new graft in this area, and the nice, thick cortex responding to those weight bearing stresses.

“Absolutely no indication of any tumor recurrence, which is great. So, what we are going to do now is we will follow up with Joey in another 2 months with some additional x-rays, and then probably be able to go to a 6 month follow up. And at that point then probably yearly intervals and we'll monitor Joey's leg for any signs of recurrence and any problems with the hardware.

At this point in time I'm glad to announce that I can release Joey to go back home to the station. So, he will be out in the garden at some point in the near future so keep your eye on FaceBook for that. But, Joey's done great, we're very, very happy and this is a great result.”

His momma/agent has been taking great care of him during his recovery time, and she, along with everyone at the station, appreciate your concern for Joey.

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