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Little Rock Family: Medical Monday, Annual scoliosis screenings | Health

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Little Rock Family: Medical Monday, Annual scoliosis screenings
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Little Rock Family: Medical Monday, Annual scoliosis screenings

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Exams are a part of school life for your kids, but there is one that requires no studying but may cause a little anxiety: their annual scoliosis screening.

Parents can help prepare their children for this test and alleviate some of their pre-test stress.

Little Rock Family editor Heather Bennett is here to share some tips on how to get informed and ahead of the curve.

Scoliosis is just a rotational deformity of a child's backbone, when they're bent forward it could look almost like an S or a C. And your pediatrician or your school medical professional can check this out for you.

There are types of scoliosis. There's the idiopathic which has an unknown cause, and then there's congenital which your children would be born with, or a neuromuscular scoliosis which is caused by a medical condition that impacts the nerves or the muscles.

You can check for an uneven waistline, or maybe your child's shoulders are not level. Or they almost have a look as if their body is off center. And that's something your medical professionals will check for and that you can be checking for at home.

A lot of the treatment plans of course include early detection, and proper treatment through braces, but they also say make sure your child stay's active. And in most cases do not need surgery, but in the event that they do, they have some really good outcomes with that.

This article can be found on page 50 of this month's edition of Little Rock Family.

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