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My Town Hero: Woman adopts 5 children, offers daycare to low-income families | Families

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My Town Hero: Woman adopts 5 children, offers daycare to low-income families
My Town Hero: Woman adopts 5 children, offers daycare to low-income families

AUGUSTA, Ark. (KTHV) - Becki Watkins Hodges’ dedication and passion for helping children in need was brought to THV11’s attention when three people nominated Hodges for our weekly My Town Hero honor. The three of them said Hodges is the absolute definition of a hero as she works closely with children and provides an in-home day care service for low-income families.

“She always puts everyone's needs before her own and is there day or night for her friends and family,” explained her friend, Debbie Cullum. “I have never met a lady like her who takes everything to heart, and if she could, she would adopt every foster child there is.”

Hodges, of Augusta, believes there is nothing more rewarding than working with children. She has a house full of children, and some of them she’s cared for since their birth. Three years ago, she started a home daycare to help mothers going through the some of the same financial struggles she too experienced.

“I was a single mom to three, and I struggled trying to make ends meet and pay daycare,” she explained.

To alleviate the burden of childcare costs, Becki keeps her prices low and affordable so that parents can meet their day-to day needs.

The task of taking on newborns and toddlers may seem daunting to some, but for Becki, there's no other place she'd rather be. Becki was a mother of two young children, when she adopted 14-year-old Destiny, a girl with autism, at birth. She later remarried and took in two of her nieces, along with her step daughter. Just four years ago, she adopted her niece 12-year-old niece, Jasmine, as well.

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 “My mom and dad were foster parents my whole life, and I saw the need that’s out there,” Hodges added. "They're all my babies. We don't use the word adopted, step, or biological. They're all mine."

“She's an awesome mother because she took me and gave me a better home,” said Jasmine. “I feel wanted here. I’m happy.”

“She is the best mom ever. She has always been there for me when I was going through rough times, and she gives me a roof to live under and food to go in my stomach,” said another daughter. “I was in a bad situation, and she took me into her home and has loved me and took care of me. I now have a great home and a family to love me and will never leave me or hurt me.”

An anonymous person said Hodges has also been a great help to her by providing advice and information on raising an autistic child.

“There's no greater feeling. There's kids out there that need somebody. They need love,” concluded Hodges.


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