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Inspect an Insect weekend | Environment

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Inspect an Insect weekend
Inspect an Insect weekend

Did you know that not all bugs are pests, especially when it comes to the life of plants?  Since ninety-five percent of all living creatures are insects, wouldn't it be fun to learn more about them?  On July 16-17, Pinnacle mountain is offering a fun program called "Inspect an Insect Weekend."  

Park public relations says "Spend the weekend learning about the different types of insects in the park, including a chance to eat one!" 

Okay, maybe that last part does not sound very appetizing, but to each his own.  Many insects are harmless and it is good to expand your insect knowledge, especially for the little ones.  

Did you know that the marmalade hoverfly is a fly which belongs to the Syrphidae family (Episyrphus balteatus)?  We generally are wary of this insect because on its orange color and black stripes, which makes us think that it's a type of wasp.  However, it doesn't sting and is completely inoffensive to humans.  It is also very useful in the garden and on the veranda, as its larvae devour greenflies.

Or did you know the ladybug with 7 spots or Coccinella septempuntata is a beetle belonging to the Coccinellidae family which includes over 5,000 species?  They reproduce and lay several hundreds of eggs at one time!

Find out more at Pinnacle Mountain about this topic and contact the park for more detailed information at (501) 868-5806 or by email at pinnaclemountain@arkansas.com.

Image for this article provided by Arvind Balaraman.  

View Balaraman's portfolio at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1058.