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Ragweed season in full swing | Environment

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Ragweed season in full swing
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Ragweed season in full swing

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Fall allergy season is already in the air. One of the most common allergens in Arkansas right now is ragweed.

"Here in Arkansas it usually begins in the second or third week of August," said Dr. Karl Sitz, Little Rock Allergy and Asthma Clinic. "And will peak in the first or second week of September, and continue until early October."

He said the plant is more recognizable that you may realize.

"It's a bush that you can look at as you're driving down the road and you'll see it growing on the side of the road in ditches," he said.

The classic symptoms include sneezing, stuffiness, watery eyes and a runny nose. But with other fall pollens in the air, it's hard to know for sure if ragweed is the cause of those symptoms.

"If you want to know definitively, you would need to come in and be tested to see if you have ragweed pollen allergy," Dr. Sitz said.

Treatments range from over the counter pills to allergy shots. But beyond taking medication, many people overlook simple precautions that Dr. Sitz believes are easy to remember.

"Keep your windows and doors closed inside your home and when you're driving in your vehicle, keep your windows up and put your vent on recirculate so that you're not getting hit in the nose and eyes with high levels of ragweed pollen," he said.

You should take a shower after being outdoors to wash away any potential irritants.

Environment, Health, News