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Neighbors concerned about sewer overflow | Environment

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Neighbors concerned about sewer overflow
Neighbors concerned about sewer overflow

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - All the rain we've been having is putting Little Rock's aging sewer pipes to the test.

Waste water told us that some of their piping is more than 50 years old. Many residents are smelling the problem, and they came to us looking for answers.

Little Rock Waste Water is trying to get funding to prevent these overflows from happening again in Fourche Creek, but right now, it's causing quite a stink for neighbors who like to walk in the park.

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Almost every day, you'll find Mclees Baldwin and Terri Leath walking through the old Western Hills Golf Course usually with their dogs.

"We love to walk the whole thing, but when there's a hard rain the sewage is backing up into the area, and it's going in the creek."

Mclees Baldwin has lived in this area for about seven years, and said it's been like this since she moved here.

"Shame on us as a community that we're not doing more about it."

There is a sign that's posted that warns people to stay away from this area in the sewer when it overflows because of health concerns.

Little Rock Waste Water employees were out cleaning up on Tuesday afternoon, raking up debris and spraying disinfectant.

"Any time it rains more than four inches we're going to be out there inspecting it. We will respond immediately. We like to have everything cleaned up within the first 72 hours of an event," said Michael Kline with Little Rock Waste Water.

He said they have permanent signs posted in spots where they know there's overflow problems.

But as signs of the overflow linger in the area, Mclees and Leath still think more can be done.

Kline said that they do have people who come out to test the water, and they clean debris up afterwards.

There's nothing catching it from running down in the creek.