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Looking into the background of Arron Lewis | Crime

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Looking into the background of Arron Lewis
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Looking into the background of Arron Lewis

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - In a 911 tape a caller says, "This guy looks like him." Monday morning Little Rock police get a tip. The caller continues, "And he is nervous. He's out here at a bus stop."

Around 10 a.m. Arron Lewis was arrested and spent hours being interviewed and questioned about his role in the disappearance of real estate agent Beverly Carter. Sheriff Doc Holladay explains, "We will have him here for as long as we need to determine what we can from him to lead us to locating Ms. Carter, which is our primary goal.

Authorities are providing very little information in regard to Lewis's connection to Carter, which prompted THV11 to dig into his background, in search of people who may know him.

In a telephone conversation I spoke with a woman who lived next door to Lewis's mother's house in Tennessee. She says, "It started off just being nice just talking with him and stuff." Kristen who only wants to go by her first name says at one point, Lewis was pursuing her as a love interest. "I always knew he seemed crazy. It's just something that came off but I didn't want to be that person to judge anyone," Kristen continues. After corresponding over several text messages and phone calls, Kristen says she decided to end all communication. She says, "He came off very clingy and obsessed. He's just, I would say psycho."

Looking at Lewis's criminal history THV11 discovered he is no stranger to law enforcement. In fact, Lewis has been arrested multiple times in Arkansas for non-violent crimes, once in Missouri and once in Utah for robbery. Most recently, Lewis was serving a six-year prison sentence for a theft crime he committed in 2010 – but released on parole last August for good behavior.

New information developed early Tuesday morning is Lewis worked for Argos Cement as recently as two and a half months ago, but was fired for unknown reasons.

For now the search for carter continues. Holladay adds, "Hopeful that we can find her." Authorities continue to work with Lewis to get any possible leads that will point them to Carter.

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