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From dumpster diving to corralling horses | Community Spirit

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From dumpster diving to corralling horses
From dumpster diving to corralling horses

Well, as Joey the Garden Cat’s caretaker (aka momma/agent), I’m always on the lookout for interesting or heartwarming pet stories.  So, recently while taking a horse riding lesson I was greeted by a very chatty cat named Izzy.  I was amused to see Izzy navigating with easy around all the horses, dogs, cars and people who were busy about. And the funny part was she had something to meow about at every step and turn, which told me she was the boss around these parts. I just had to know Izzy's story. 

Izzy was homeless and living off dumpster scraps at the restaurant Izzy's, hence her name.  A cat lovin' lady rescued her, making sure she got spayed and received all her shots before trying to find her a forever home.

That's where Krista Wilson, of Krista's Corral, stepped in. Sadly, Krista and her family had recently said goodbye to their barn cat Barny, so they were eager to adopt.  Krista says that Izzy took to barn life quickly and greets every visitor quickly and quite loudly, but warns people that if they leave their windows down on the car, they will find a napping Izzy on the seat.

No more dumpster diving for Izzy.  She is now living the good life overseeing all the activity at the Corral. 

Feline Rescue and Rehome is great organization that is committed to catching stray cats and getting them spayed or neutered. They aggressively work to promote spay/neuter of all cats and offers assistance to animal lovers and concerned citizens as much as they can.  So if you know of a stray or just want to make a financial contribute to their cause, visit FuRR’s website.