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Apple fanatics camp out for the new iPhone 6 | Business

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Apple fanatics camp out for the new iPhone 6
Apple fanatics camp out for the new iPhone 6

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) -The iPhone 6 won't officially show up in stores until Friday, but some are more eager than others to get it.

It's become a tradition of sorts for Stephen Warren of Clarksville. Before every new iPhone launch, he sets up camp in front of the Apple Store. Warren says this year is no different.

"This year of course they come out with 2 new ones and I'll more than likely get both of them again."

THV11 first met Warren last year when Apple released the iPhone 5s and 5c. This time he's not alone, first time camper Ashleigh Branch says she's on the same mission.

"I figure I'll just experience this, experience this one time only."

To pass the time Branch, who is a UALR student, tends to her studies.

"I took two chemistry quizzes online while I was sitting here just to kill time, just do some homework."

And Warren, uses his iPhone to Facetime with his wife and kids who live in Clarksville.

He says Friday's launch is a big deal.

"Faster processor, better graphics to it, nice new screen to it. It's a definitely going to be a big change compared to what we Apple fans are used to."

The doors open Friday at 8 a.m. and customers are limited to the purchase of 2 iPhones.